i love watching the show my cat from hell because 9/10 times it usually features a heterosexual couple fighting over their hellion cat with one partner (usually the guy) saying “i cant stand this cat it needs to leave” while the girl is just like “no we can figure something out” and when jackson galaxy asks them if they would call it quits over the cat the guy is just like “ofc not she would always choose me over the cat” but if you zoom in on the girls face when he says that you know,,,,,you know,,,,,who will be leaving,,,,,,,,that house first

I was watching an episode w my dad and he couldn’t understand why they hadn’t gotten rid of the cat, but then I said something I guess he wasn’t expecting:

“The second a man gives me an ultimatum, the relationship is over.”

He kept harping that I’m going to be a very lonely woman with that attitude, so I told him that a man’s conditional affection, if it can be withdrawn or withheld over anything, is disingenuous and therefore worthless to me.

When you have a pet, that animal’s whole world revolves around you. They rely on you for everything. My pets are important to me, and if I got into a new relationship with somebody and they wanted them gone, I would dump that person’s ass in a heartbeat. My pets are my responsibility and my family. If a prospective partner really cared about me, they wouldn’t ever give me an ultimatum or try to force me to give up my animals. That’s not someone I want in my life.

“It’s the cat or me.” Welp, I guess I choose the cat because I’ve had him since he was a kitten and he doesn’t care for anyone but me. You can find somebody else to put up with your ultimatum bullshit.

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