Young Stray Kitten Shows Up In Feral Colony Missing One Important Thing–An Anus!

As the felines of the world continue to breed unchecked, more and more cats are living in feral colonies. Colony caretakers do all they can to provide food, water and medical attention. But it’s not easy in ANY sense! You watch as these neglected animals slowly trust you, inching closer day by day. Then you notice that one of them is wheezing, has a wound or is (dreadfully) pregnant. Or suddenly, there are kittens running around the area. Now you have to trap THAT specific cat or try to snatch the swift, energetic babies. Your patience is finally rewarded as the “clink” of the trap door echoes. Then comes the real mystery of what issue you’ll “get to treat” with this feline. And every once in a while, it’s one of those rare and shocking problems. In this case, a young stray kitten was missing one important thing–an anus!

The poor kitten had spent the first weeks of it’s life with a thin membrane completely blocking it’s anus. 

And yes, that means that for it’s whole life, the kitten had likely never pooped. Ouch. How is that even possible?! For those you who foster neonatal kittens, you KNOW poop is the most important and easiest way to determine their health. (I can’t tell you how many poop photos have been on my phone. ALSO why rescuers don’t play that “post the 7th picture on your phone” games on social media. You’re welcome!!!)

No one can be 100% sure and the veterinarians are baffled that the kitten hadn’t passed away. We’re relieved that this baby found it’s way off the streets too. It was Florida local animal advocate, TNR trapper and fosterer Victoria Lynn Mccann Tillman, that helped saved the kittens life.

Victoria and 2 other women were trapping at a colony in Thonotosassa, Florida, on October 5th. The large clowder of cats had continuously been growing and needed to be halted.

Photo: Victoria and the sweet rescue kitten

We trapped 10 and ended up with a kitten. A female buff colored kitten with a heart on her side. We got her Mom in this group. Thanks for your help Caroline Zier and Sandra Banser Mattull!

They headed to the Humane Society to drop off the nights’ catches.

The cats would all be spayed or neutered the next morning through the TNR program available. Once the felines were settled down more in the cages, they were able to examine them a bit closer.

It’s always a roller coaster of emotions when you realize you’ve trapped generations of free-breeding cats. Happy they won’t reproduce any more, but sad thinking most litters don’t consist of just 1 kitten. The average litter size is actually 3 to 5 kittens!

Eleven cats on the patio for fixing. The big orange and white boy is the dad and the dilute torti is the mom of the buff kitten. #nomorekittens The feeders said she had more but this is the only survivor. They think she didn’t have enough milk. So so sad.

But this sweet little kitten had been born with the undiscovered anal deformity, possibly resulting from inbreeding.

This is just one more horrible thing about leaving stray and feral cats unfixed. However, this problem wasn’t one easily remedied–or even discovered until it was almost too late.

The kitten was a female, estimated to be about 6-7 weeks old. At that age, she was an option for possible socialization and was passive during medical exams. Likely because she was in so much pain with a full colon.

But with her age and calm demeanor, she was brought into foster care and joined Victoria’s home.

After lively debates on Victoria’s Facebook page regarding her name, she was dubbed “Emie”. 

Other monikers that people thought were fitting as well were almost as cute. Peaches, Dreamsicle, Orangesicle, Lil Pumpkin and, “Marmy” short for Marmalade.

So how exactly do you discover that a kitten is essentially “missing an anus”?

It’s a dirty job, but thankfully someone eventually did in this case. It took 3 vet visits though to finally realize the uber rare condition was what was plaguing the kitten!

For nursing kittens in foster care or without their moms, they are given formula to supplement this. Little Emie’s mom had seemingly been unable to feed her, and now she was fussy with her supplemented feedings.

At this age, poop isn’t always a consistent thing though. Until more solid foods are regularly consumed, bowel movements can be sporadic. Thankfully, Victoria knew to watch out for this and three days later knew something was wrong. 

I’ve had this kitten since late Saturday night. Started syringe feeding when I noticed she wasn’t eating. She hasn’t pooped yet. I’ve massaged her behind with warm cotton and gave laxatone last night and this morning. Any ideas???

Other experienced fosters provided some good advice for her to get little Emie to eat though at least.

Praying for a poop now. My vet did check her colon this morning and said she was not blocked or impacted. She does go in her box like she wants to poop but nothing happens. Hoping this is gonna be it.

That wasn’t “it” by a long shot. 

They ended up at another vet visit where she was given an enema, which resulted in nothing.

When that didn’t work, she saw another vet for a second opinion and a second unsuccessful enema. 

She then made an appointment with a third vet associated with a local 501(c)3 non-profit who joined the mission; Cat Haven Rescue Inc.

The vets at Veterinary Emergency Group in Tampa, Florida realized that although there IS an opening for an anus–it was blocked by a membrane!

She had received the enemas but they hadn’t actually been injected into her colon at all. 

This poor girl. She was examined again by a 3rd vet and it was discovered she doesn’t have a butt hole. The doctor broke thru a membrane and pulled out a lot of poop!

This condition is officially called Atresia Ani. (*Look at your own risk!)

Atresia ani is an extremely rare congenital condition in cats in which the rectum and anus does not form properly. The rectum may not communicate to the anus or the anus may be absent.

Now that little Emie has a working anus (opening), everyone is hoping it stays that way! 

[The vet] wants to see her back tomorrow night whether she poops or not. She doesn’t know if the opening will stay or not and has never done any kind of surgery like this. Only time will tell if she will continue to poop. Poor thing. Please pray for her.

Emie is able to have bowel movements, but the saddening site is heartbreaking at times.

She pooped again and screamed the whole time. 😢

Dr. Katy said her butt hole is still open. She doesn’t have a lot of poop in her. She suggested putting a thermometer in a couple times a day. If she stops pooping then it closed up again so its a waiting game but at least she has control of her facilities.

So we now wait with Victoria and Emie to see if surgery will be required. Victoria knows that Emie’s health can change in a second. Others that get to meet the ginger and white cutie are all rooting for her too!

If you would like to help Emie, please feel free to donate via Paypal to Victoria at You can also donate directly to Cat Haven Rescue HERE.

And as soon as Emie is healthy enough to be spayed, she will be up for adoption! It is not known yet whether she will deal with lifelong special needs. Whomever she ends up with, this cutie will never be missing one other important thing again–love.

All photos courtesy of Victoria Lynn Mccann Tillman.


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Tabby Cat Leads A Double Life Of Adventure Every Time He Leaves Home

With the massive success of the Secret Life of Pets franchise, it’s true that many of us pet owners have often wondered what it is that our pets do all day long when we are away. And for those of us who allow our cats to travel outdoors, our minds wonder even more. Where do they go? Who do they meet? Do they have cat friends? Do other people feed them? These are just a few of the money questions that riddle our brains. For one tabby cat out of Scotland, it seems that he’s taken his freedom to new and exciting extremes.

When he’s not at home with his senior humans, it seems that George the cat hops on buses and trains and makes his way across the country.

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve heard of naughty cats in the past, but I must say, this is a first even for me!

It seems that local news have started to catch wind of George’s routine escapades, and he’s garnered many fans and admirers. His loving humans, Dennis and Elizabeth Royal, said that their seven-year-old rescue cat used to leave home each day, but that George always returned back after three hours time. It wasn’t until he didn’t return home per usual one day that they started to wonder where it is that their feline actually goes. Spoiler alert: he was 14 miles away after hitching a ride!

George the cat with his owners

Coincidentally, it wasn’t until Mrs. Royal set up a Facebook page for George about three months ago that she learned just how popular her feline friend was:

“People seem to love him, he certainly has a lot of followers…That’s how I started finding out about his weird adventures and how popular he is. Everyone knows him.”

George making his way into a local corner store, just doin’ his thang!

It seems that George the tabby cat has been spotted hitching bus rides, train rides, crashing kids’ birthday parties, attempting to tag along for school field trips, showing up at a local chapel, and even jumping into cars with people. 

“The local primary school had a trip to the safari park. I am not sure how but George managed to sneak into the bus and fortunately the bus stopped and chucked him out before arriving there.”

George photographed out during some of his excursions

And when George is home, it seems that he is loving and loyal to the humans who rescued him (particularly his cat dad) and allow him to go out on his many adventures. According to Mrs. Royal, Dennis is his person:”George lies on his knee and they fall asleep together.”

When asked by Metro why it is that her tabby cat would act such a way, Mrs. Royal thinks her cat simply has an interest in adventure and loves the attention that he gets:

He is certainly a cat that enjoys travelling… You never know where he is going, we just find out once he has been caught. He loves to be stroked and picked up by people. He’s such a funny character.”

George trying to hitch a ride and hopping into a local pub

Their daughter, Jackie Hood, tells Helensburgh Advisor about how their cat came into their lives, you know, before he started leading a double one! It seems that her parents rescued him in 2009 to give her father who suffers from dementia something to bring him happiness each day:

“George gives him a lot of pleasure and is something for him to focus on as he is housebound. For the first few years George was just a normal cat – a bit bitey and aloof in the house. However, about a year ago people started taking him to the vet as they thought he was a stray, or abandoned, or lost. There was the odd post on the ‘Helensburgh Community Opinion’ page along the lines of ‘does anyone recognise this cat?’

But then shortly after, George started to set his sights on bigger adventure:

“A few months ago, the vet called again to say someone had brought George in. Mum went to get him and the very next day the vet called again. George had just gone around himself and gone in to say hello!”

And, as they say, the rest is history!

Out on the town

If you’d like to follow George the Helensburgh Cat on Facebook, you can do so here. He could easily be labeled as the most famous cat in Scotland, and something tells me that his crazy cat antics will soon win him fans across the globe. I know he’s got one here in Texas, USA now for sure! 🙂 

Story in conjunction with


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The City Of Garfield Is In The Midst Of A Feral Feline Catastrophe

Did you know that there’s a town in New Jersey named after everyone’s favorite lasagna-eating cartoon cat? To clarify, it’s not REALLY named after the cat. It just so happens to share the same name! The city of Garfield, NJ sits in Bergen County. Now, it seems that this aptly named town is dealing with quite a “cat”-astrophe. The growing “purr”-oblem is in the form of a feral feline takeover. And this appears to be an issue with no resolve in sight.

The residents of the city of Garfield are growing seriously concerned–and majorly stressed–as a result.

For example, there are cats on chairs, cats on cars and lounging cats on pool covers. Not surprisingly, all across the city there are even cats on roofs! They are seen everywhere the eye goes. But the cats seem to be taking over with crazy cat antics and shenanigans.

A relatively smaller town, the city of Garfield is home to roughly 30,000 residents. Councilwoman for the city, Erin Delaney, explains:

“The feral cat issue has reached epidemic proportions. We have to be proactive and work for a way to help both sides,” she says. “I don’t want to be cruel, but it is a health issue.”

GARF, which stands for Garfield Animal Rescue Foundation, was founded by the city’s former mayor, Tana Raymond. To date, the group has been proactive in their TNR efforts. But still the feral feline population is taking over the city. Now the residents have had enough. There are multiple homeless cats defecating in people’s yards. They are mating rampantly and even vomiting in the streets.

Seems like the town of Garfield is stuck in a furever case of the Mondays!

Meet Bonnie Nilsen, AKA the Cat Trapper of Garfield. She explains in detail what it is that she does routinely to help cull the feral feline population of the town:

It’s a proven fact that high intensity TNR boasts incredible results. And there’s no question that Bonnie is incredible, her efforts much applauded. But she is only one person. And she herself can only do so much. Countless residents of Garfield have argued and pleaded their concerns. The former Mayor has reminded many of them that the cats are not the only animals to place blame upon:

“I do understand people might not want them [the cats] defecating on their property,” Raymond said. “There are other animals around, too, though. There are raccoons and skunks. It’s not only cats.”

Now that this is a public health risk, what can be done? Residents spoke out to the local news to discuss their plans:

The State of New Jersey Department of Health addresses the issue of free-roaming and feral cats on their website.

Here is what they offer as their “solution” to this feral feline issue in the city of Garfield:

Free-roaming cats also pose a low but important threat to human health. Zoonotic diseases (diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people). [These] include rabies, toxoplasmosis, ringworm, cat scratch disease and many other diseases. Human injuries (bites and scratches) often occur if feral cats are handled without proper precautions.

The solution to the free-roaming and feral feline cat situation is multifaceted and includes:

  • Public education to prevent abandonment of cats and to encourage responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering, keeping cats indoors, and preventing or solving behavior problems leading to abandonment,
  • Effective municipal animal control,
  • Implementation and enforcement of municipal cat licensing ordinances with mandatory rabies vaccination,
  • Establishing requirements for managed cat colonies in appropriate areas (see below), and
  • Prohibiting the feeding and abandonment of free-roaming cats outside of managed cat colonies.

It’s proven that spaying and neutering your pets is the #1 way to help lower the feral and stray cat population. Because many of these cats were descendants of cats that once had loving homes.

So the residents of the city of Garfield are eager for their government to step in. On the other hand, they are willing to try anything short of hurting the animals.

Above all, we wish good luck and peaceful trappings to ALL the residents of Garfield!


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Heavyweight Boxer Identified As Owner Of Escaped Cougar After 23 Charges Are Filed Against Him

Most of us have been to a New Year’s Eve party. Those of us that can stay awake for it anyways. And occasionally, a few of those people find themselves in strange situations upon waking the next morning. For the residents living on Northwest 80th Terrace in Parkland, Florida, this past New Year’s day they received quite a shock. No, they weren’t all out partying until the sun rose. They weren’t indulging in debauchery the previous night–letting their “wild sides” escape (unconfirmed *wink, wink*). But at one of the homes, it was an extremely wild animal, A COUGAR, that escaped!

So when one woman spotted the actual, live big cat running around the streets that morning, she did a double-take. 

Sure enough, there was an escaped cougar simply sunning itself in a driveway! 

But this wasn’t just a wild Florida panther, exploring the territory that was once their free roaming property. This cougar was wearing a collar. A (bleeping) black collar. Meaning that it was someone’s “pet”. Now, an escaped and “extremely dangerous” animal, according to state prosecutors. 

As soon as she could move again, the woman called 911 to report the feline. Wildlife officers arrived at the home before the cat could attack anyone or run off.

Thankfully they were able to tranquilize and remove the animal safely. We’ve seen the alternative for the poor animals that find themselves “loose” and are killed for their natural animal instincts.

The Miami Herald reported the findings from the Florida Wildlife Commission after the cat underwent a medical exam. 

FWC spokesman Robert Klepper said the cat appeared to be in good health and weighs about 60 pounds.

It is less than a year old, so technically still a kitten, he said. Other than the collar, it had no other identifying marks, he said. No escaped wildlife have been reported in the area, he said, nor is anyone licensed to have a Florida panther located nearby.

Photo: Cougars living at a Southern Florida sanctuary @buschwildlife

Hair samples have been taken to identify the species, he said, and the cat will remain at a wildlife facility until it is identified.

With no way of knowing where the escaped cougar came from, no charges were brought about.

Happily, the big cat recovered quickly and has been settling into a new life at an unnamed sanctuary. But this scary “tail” wasn’t forgotten by the wildlife officials or the state prosecutors. Because then, fate and justice emerged from the shadows to join the party.

Photo: A cougar living at a Southern Florida sanctuary @buschwildlife

In early August, the news broke of just who the cougar belongs too–and apparently the neighbors weren’t surprised. 

The captive-bred cat was living in the home of their neighbor Heavyweight Champion Tyrone Spong.

Tyrone Clinton Spong (born 3 September 1985) is a Surinamese-Dutch professional boxer and former kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He is the current WBC Latino Heavyweight Champion and WBO Latino Heavyweight Champion, and former WFCA Cruiserweight champion, Glory 95kg Slam Champion and It’s Showtime 95MAX World champion.

Spong has high fences, shelters and other livestock on his property. Having a wild cat seems to be the heavyweight prize in his “collection”. It’s a shame as his social media seemed to care greatly for animal life. Sadly, that’s questionable now.

So now they knew WHO was responsible for endangering the public while New Year’s resolutions and high hopes were still sprinkling down upon them like confetti. 

And now he could be charged for his crimes. That consists of 23 charges that have now been filed against the athlete! They range across a variety of broken laws–for more than just his feline “pet”. 

Among the charges against Spong are allowing the cougar to escape, keeping it without a permit, keeping it in too small a cage, not providing it with shelter, failing to provide it with toys or things to do, and failing to provide clean water for exotic birds.

Multiple news outlets reported that they reached out to Spong when the news broke. (Side note: are reporters REQUIRED to wear animal print when covering these news stories?!)

But as luck would have it, Tyrone claimned ignorance.

Reached by phone, Spong said he had nothing to say about the charges. “I don’t know nothing about it,” he said and hung up.

Fortunately that excuse doesn’t fly in the courts.

We are looking forward to seeing the animals rights enforced and him paying for his crimes. Hopefully he focuses on his cute goats and a life full of better decisions. Which for the already troubled boxer–after a recent fight cancellation due to a failed drug test–could be quite a bout. With EACH of the 23 charges, a maximum penalty of a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail can be enforced!

In reality though, that’s pretty much what it would cost to care for a wild cat for maybe a year? Just one more reason, they are not pets.

Photo: A cougar living at a Southern Florida sanctuary @buschwildlife

Let this be a lesson to all of those out there who think “owning” a wild animal, big cat or anything else, is a wise idea. It may just be you that cat is standing over one morning…waiting for breakfast in bed! *KARMA*

Please note the above photos of cougars from @buschwildlife ARE NOT the cougar in this story! They just do great work, are about an hour away from this location, and you should definitely follow them on social media too. It’s certainly possible they ARE where the beautiful beast now resides. But we couldn’t confirm our idealistic hopes. 


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10 Easy Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Cats

Fall brings with it many wonderful things. The Earth begins to slumber and sheds the old to prepare for the new. Comfy sweaters, bonfires and harvests fill our homes with a heartwarming tingle. And I will happily admit that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Witches, black cats and skulls invoke feelings just like the “the warm embrace of an old friend” in me. Not to mention my Halloween with cats is full of combined puns and corny jokes! LOL

But this annual celebration isn’t only for humans to enjoy the fruits of a laborious year. It’s for our furry family members too. I mean they get to snuggle in a fluffy furry coat all year long! And not only are their health benefits to autumnal ingredients, like pumpkin. There are many ways to integrate more Fall and Halloween cat fun into your home.

“Oh my gourd, I love fall.”

So what are the easiest ways to celebrate Halloween with cats?

Well, we’ve compiled 10 of our absolute favorites items here to help you with that. No Trick or Treating necessary! And I will admit, the easiest thing is that most of the items are on our favorite pet “apurroved” delivery service; That means that you can literally order your favorites while sitting around that bonfire we mentioned. Shout out to awesomeness! Then we can spend more time snuggling with the Furtastic Four; Cole, Marmalade, Jugg and Zig Zag =).

Cat Man Chris and I actually had a Halloween themed wedding reception. And you know how we both feel about cats. So getting to enjoy these things combined is always fangtastic!

As far as costumes and dressing your put up go, our advice is this. DON’T DO IT UNLESS YOUR PET CAN FREELY BE THEMSELVES IN IT, CALM AND RELAXED. Any stress, restricted movements or angry cats should be your clear indication that they are NOT one of the above mentioned calm pets! Remember, most HATE having their ears covered/touched, so avoid hats when possible. Some animals may benefit from “thunder shirts” though, so why not be festive too?! 

With that being said, remember to CREEP IT REAL! “Hee, Hee, Hee, Cackle, Cackle”.

Here are (just a few) of our favorites to “Trick or treat yo’ self”!

{1} Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Food Supplement

So this one’s actually a big one for our household that we use all year long. Marmalade is a “puker”. After he had a tumor removed from his intestines and beat Lymphoma, his tummy is sensitive. We even had to elevate his eating bowl. This counteracts gravity bringing his food “back up” when his has to drop his head to eat. But it works! Combined with pumpkin to settle any stomach upset, we’ve 100% cleaned up less puke. And so we like to leave a bowl of this out for CaM and JaZZ to enjoy.

“One bowl to rule them all!”

But even better, for those of you with mixed-species households, it’s good for CATS & DOGS! 

Made with two simple ingredients–pumpkin and water–the delicious broth adds digestive support and antioxidants into their day, boosting their gut health to make “going” easier.

{2} We just got the Weruva Pumpkin Patch Pounce Canned Cat Food too!

I’m not going to lie. One of my favorite things about Weruva are their great names for the food. I giggle every time I open a can…and that’s a lot!

This pack comes with four cans each of Grandma’s Chicken Soup, Funky Chunky and Mew Luau. Each features pumpkin to provide your kitty with a great source of fiber and help with digestion. This variety pack also contains no grains, gluten, GMOs or carrageenan for meals you can trust. 

“Halloween candy is yummy and all, but don’t forget to save room for ‘I scream.’”

{3} Sugar Skulls Cat Toys

You KNOW you’re never going to stop buying cute little cat toys. Whether or not your feline plays with them for one minute, one day or only once every month. So why not get new toys that specifically celebrate Halloween with cats? 

Your furry friend can choose between different Día de los Muertos skulls with flowers for eyes. Healthy play keeps your kitty active and helps relieve anxiety, stress, and boredom. These toys also contain a pinch of catnip to entice your cat even more – give your little ghoul a frightfully good time this holiday season with OurPets.

{4} Halloween Mice Trick & Treat Cat Toys

Does your festive spirit end with just buying new fun toys in holiday colors to “decorate” for your Halloween with cats? 

These are adorable, BUT ARE THEY JUST SIMPLE TOYS? Not quite. You may actually find them to be pretty unBOOlievable!

Encourage your furry friend’s inner hunter with these two Halloween-themed mice that are sure to appeal to all of their senses. Once batted, these critters make natural-sounding noises at the same frequency and sound level as a real field mouse!

{5} Taco Dog & Cat Costume

For those of you who don’t know….Taco Cat spelled backwards is Taco Cat. Yes, the world is mind blowing. And this is one of our favorite animal costumes. It’s not constricting and nothing touches the ears/head of the animal. Plus, who doesn’t love tacos??!!

“No matter what costumes they wear, when the Halloween candy comes out, everyone is a goblin!” 

{6} Temptations Mixups Mummy Mix Ups

If you need to bribe your kitty after a well behaved costume photo shoot–or as an apology when you finally accept they don’t apurrove–you’ll certainly need these! BE WARNED THOUGH! They are only available for a limited time. 

The spooky-good bites are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, for a texture your cat will love. Featuring catnip, tuna and dairy flavors, they’re the perfect combination to indulge your feline friend. The crunchy outside helps scare away tartar and supports your cat’s dental health. Plus, they come in a resealable tub to maintain their freshness longer.

{7} Friskies Party Mix Natural Yums

Picky cat? Try these instead. Even they couldn’t stay away from the cat puns! BAHAHA

Seasonal treats to help your paw-tner celebrate the arrival of autumn!

This natural recipe includes fewer than two calories per treat with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep your furry friend going strong. These treats also contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives because your companion deserves nothing but the best.

{8} Happy Jack Featherweight Cat Collar

Although CaM and JaZZ don’t wear collars, we think these are adorable for those who do. Now, should designers Country Brook want to make a cat harness with the “Happy Jack” pumpkin face?! We’d be happy to rock that out on backyard adventures. It’s not only scary cute though, they clearly have cats of their own, addressing common cat servant concerns and kitty health.

This featherweight, festive collar combines a purrfectly spooky design, comfortable fabric and super lightweight structure to create the perfect collar for your feline—during the fall and year-round too! The fabric is great for sensitive skin, which means no more scratching and irritation around your kitty’s collar. Plus, it features a YKK breakaway safety release, and a plastic buckle to keep your kitty safe.

The reason why Dracula doesn’t have many friends on Halloween is because he can be a real pain in the neck.

{9} Mad Cat Halloween Mummy Mouse Cat Toy

To keep your Halloween with cats party going until the Witching Hour, natural herbs like catnip will stimulate all their senses.

However, are they one of the estimated 30% of cats that DON’t react to catnip? If so, they may just prefur this variety, wrapped like an ancient offering.

Mad Cat’s Halloween Mummy Mouse is stuffed with a unique blend of premium, pesticide-free catnip and silvervine.

Mummies love to listen to wrap music at the Halloween party.

{10} Cole & Marmalade Halloween Relaunched Shirt Design

I legit almost forgot to add this until looking at photos to add to the story. Whoops! After our cat lady friends saw me pull out this shirt to paint in, they demanded we relaunch this design. It’s one of our original Meowloween designs from 2015, and we happily succumb to their demands. Even being dug up from the past like an ancient relic, we think it’s still pretty spooktacular!

So how will you be celebrating this year? Do you have any Meowloween traditions for your Halloween with cats? 

“You can’t skele-run from my skele-puns.”


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Mornings For Baby Kitten “Oatmeal” Much Brighter After Being Fished From Within Hotel Walls!

The staff and guests at the Belmont Inn in Port Richey, Florida had to deal with an uninvited guest last week, later named Oatmeal. Thankfully, this purrticular guest didn’t take up much space. But this mini-visitor had made themselves home in a dangerous portion of the hotel–within the walls! And when they discovered the tiny trespasser, without their assistance, she would have never checked out.

The Belmont Inn

Meet Oatmeal, the little girl found within the walls of the Inn. 

Apparently she had been calling for room service at the top of her little lungs. Two human visitors, Josh and Christin had heard her pleas and tracked her down to the wall. But she was well out of everyone reach. And in the slim opening that she was stuck in, they had to come up with a rescue plan. 

But they also had to contend with the trash that lined the bottom of the crevice. Not to mention the jagged pieces of concrete that lined the walls. They couldn’t see if she had any injuries that would be from a fall into those depths. She clearly seemed to be alert, hungry and very scared.

When their attempts continued to fail, they refused to give up while trying to think outside the box. Or in this case the wall. So they looped a piece of thick fishing line and dove in! Watch the full rescue video below!

Once little Oatmeal was fished from the depths, the next challenge presented itself. 

She was only about 8-9 days old at the time of her rescue, eyes just opening. At that age, she requires bottle feeding every 2-3 hours! Of course, that’s not something that everyone has the experience to feel comfortable doing. And when you have a newborn kitten, their health can change in a moments notice.

So it was a long and unsuccessful night of trying to bottle feed little Oatmeal that first day. They knew they needed to find someone who was experienced in raising and fostering kittens. Luckily, their friend Melissa, knew of the purrfect person–Dani the Cat Lady.

She reached out to Dani on Facebook and told her of the amazing tale. Dani was quick to join the rescue team. Oatmeal joined her foster family and resident mentor felines on Monday, October 7th, 2019.

Dani also asked them to be on the lookout for any other siblings or mama cat in the area. Many times, mama cats will move a newborn family to a safer area. And it’s not the first time a kitten was left behind or lost during these transitions. But good and bad, they’ve not found any more felines to date. 

Now, each morning starts with a big scoop of Oatmeal kisses in Dani’s foster home.

At only 7.6 ounces, she’s even gone on her first shopping excursion! You know how girls are–HAHA! Dani says she’s got a spicy little personality too.

I just love her feisty personality and her cute swirly markings 🖤

When she’s not treating everyone to a bit of adorable sass, she’s utterly captivating. And yes, I mean legitimately every other second of the day. Sleeping, rolling around with her little potato belly or learning how to play. It’s how we should ALL start our mornings!

Be sure to follow Dani the Cat Lady on Facebook and Instagram for your daily dose of kitten therapy.

If you would like to make a donation from Dani’s wishlist for Oatmeal or the other deserving felines in her care, the link is

All images/videos courtesy of Dani Giroux/Dani the Cat Lady


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Kitten Found Screaming On Roadside Alone; Look At How Happy He Is Foster Care Now!

While driving on Monday night, a woman in Washington state spotted a sad sight on the roadside. It was a young dark grey kitten, screaming and alone. Instead of ignoring the scared baby as many may have done, thankfully she stopped to help. With the number of animals discarded to the streets, it’s always heartwarming to hear of one that escaped an unknown fate. And you never know what you’re going to encounter in the way of abuses already inflicted on the frightened animals.

For this roadside kitty hitchhiker, happily there weren’t any serious visual injuries on their tiny body.

All she could see was a small wound on its lip. So the woman quickly scooped the fuzzy feline from the streets. One of the best things about this rescue, is that she did the most important thing first. She looked for a mom or other siblings in the area.

However, she wasn’t able to locate any other cats. She took the little kitten home and began reaching out to local rescues for assistance. And she came upon the perfect person to help. With fate smiling upon the kitten, who turned out to be a little boy, he was brought to a new home the next day.

That foster home was with Ashley Morrison, known on social media as “Youngest Old Cat Lady”. Ashley just happens to live near Seattle and was happy to help. Introducing the sweet youngster to her fans, she pondered the sad reality of his life to date. 

We will look for potential owners but the likeliness is that he was either dumped on purpose or was born to a feral cat. Because of how friendly he is, my guess would be he was dumped.

Seriously, someone looked into those eyes and was okay just disposing that soul on the roadside?

Boo to you if that’s the case. Especially when those peepers are only about 6 weeks old.

Ashley knew he wasn’t out of the woods until a vet was able to examine him. She scheduled an appointment for the next morning and set him up in his “suite”. To the outside world, know that many fosters are just referring to their bathrooms. HAHA These rooms usually have tile and can be sanitized more easily after a sick litter of kittens. 

I got him a meal and he is all set up in my bathroom where he found the heated bed in about 0.2 seconds. He already got his first dewormer and is all tucked in for a nap with his new mouse toy. 

To no ones dismay, that left a full day for the nameless puff at her home to relax. And clearly, relax he did–as only a carefree kitten can! 

This little guy is so playful. He is having a great time with his new toys. Shall we call him Lucky Bub or Puff Ball? I just can’t decide.

This little guy is so playful. He is having a great time with his new toys. Shall we call him Lucky Bub or Puff Ball? I just can’t decide.

Posted by Youngest Old Cat Lady on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

He did get to meet another of the larger residents in the home while under supervision. The two both have some fluffy “chonk” in common, but alas, they are playing in different weight classes.

Ashley shared the results of the vet visit right after the appointment. Not only that, she shared his new name!

He shall be called LUCKY PUFF. We went for our first vet visit this morning and he got a clean bill of health.

His little lip injury is healing and some ointment should help it heal faster. He sure is not in the usual condition of a feral cats kitten that wandered off. Or a kitten that’s been living in the woods for some time. He has to have belonged to someone and either somehow got to a roadway by himself, or was dumped. Most likely dumped on purpose.

He is the sweetest little boy and loves to cuddle. He was FIV/FELV tested so that he could be introduced to the other kittens. [And] he was negative so he will get to meet the other kitties soon. ❤

Thank you to everyone involved in saving Lucky Puff! And that goes the same for all the other roadside kitties rescued. 

All Images: Youngest Old Cat Lady


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Animal Rescuers From Coast-To-Coast Join Forces To Save One Severely Injured Kitten In NYC

I wish I could say it happens this was the norm, but that would just be wishful thinking and unrealistic expectations. I’m referring to when animal rescuers join together to save those suffering and in need. But although rescuers would save each and every desperate animal if they could, sadly that’s not the case. Some animals are too far gone to pull back from the brink of death. Most rescuers get dozens of requests to help each day and there just aren’t enough hours to save them all. Shelters and foster homes are overflowing with the unwanted and homeless. And the number of needy animals far outweighs the number of humans willing to lend a hand.

Photo property of Cat Man Chris – local colony where a new cat family was just spotted….sigh. 

But worst of all, is when rescuers receive requests to help an animal that lives NO WHERE near them.

It just happened to our Cole and Marmalade family. It had to do with a cat that was not long for this world should help not be found. We are in Tampa, Florida. The cat was in New York. Which left us heartbroken and frustrated that we couldn’t physically go help. 

This rescue tale begins with a message on Instagram from a concerned animal lover. The woman sent a devastating photo to the Cole & Marmalade page. The image was of a young tabby kitten with a MAJOR injury to it’s front left leg. She was asking for advice and if we knew of anyone in the area that could help.

(SIDE NOTE here; PLEASE do not expect us or other “influencers” to be able to help all animals. As much as we absolutely do want to! Call your local shelter and ask if they know of organizations that trap. Check on social media for GROUPS WITHIN YOUR AREA. Don’t waste precious time waiting for online replies from people who manage large pages.)

So Chris posted a plea on our Instagram story on Saturday, October 5th asking for anyone in the area who could help. The first thing this poor feline needed was someone to trap it.

While we wish we had a network of shelters and rescue organizations we supported, we do not. But Cat Man Chris Poole tagged Paul The Cat Guy, located in NY. For him living in the same state at least, he may have known more direct groups that could help the cat. Although he had great advice, he also couldn’t help directly. 

And as luck would have it, rescuers in NY saw the social media post and contacted us right away. 

It was Faith Levit, an amazing women who traps with the Little Wanderers NYC who reached out by 6:00 PM that night. Their team was on the streets by 8 o’clock trying to trap the feline. But the night was dark and cold, making trapping even more difficult. Experienced trapper Tamara @pwbrockaway was able to spot the kitten, but the stray with feral tendencies bolted away. At a few months of age, it was likely this kitten had been on the streets it’s whole life. 

[The let injury] definitely did NOT happen overnight! This poor kitten has been like this for sometime.

Tamara refused to give up on catching the scared kitten, even if it meant going back a dawn to try again. But fortunately, she was successful and Cat Man Chris updated everyone who’d been enthralled by the story. The downside was that the female cat was VERY sickly. And her leg wound was like nothing anyone had ever seen.

Veterinarians are certain she will not withstand an immediate leg amputation. She’s wasting away and malnourished, the infection is severe and the skin is ulcerate. It’s one of the worst injuries they’ve ever seen in 20 years 🙁

Once Angie (named after her vet tech) is better, leg amputation will be discussed. They didn’t go straight to euthanasia, age is on her side and she could make a strong recovery!🤞

With the support of dedicated followers and rescuers all over the globe, fundraising began for little Angie. 

On our Cole and Marmalade Facebook page, our fundraiser garnered (now) more than $2,700.00 for her medical expenses! (You are all PAWSOME!!!) That, however, wasn’t going to likely cover all the bills that little Angie will be racking up during her recovery.

She is getting everything she needs to make a full recovery so that she is healthy enough to withstand surgical amputation. This poor kitten has been struggling for so long-she is 1/2 dead. But, with all your crucial financial support, she has a true fighting chance AND she’s responding. Thank you Dr. Thomas and the good staff at Astoria Animal Emergency Hospital! Your team is helping to save this poor innocent kitten from a hard, cruel death. Thank you to everyone who cares about life and demonstrates it. Our work would NOT be possible if we didn’t have your love and support!

But by the next night, Angie’s pain hadn’t subsided to a manageable level.

So they had to make the scary decision to move forward with her amputation surgery.

Whether her frail body was ready for it or not, she would certainly die without it. 

Angie is having a blood transfusion early in the morning to increase her anemia levels. X-rays revealed several fractures. Her whole leg is inflamed and swollen and there is concern about bone marrow contamination from infection. Her trauma is severe and she is suffering. The pain and stress she is experiencing is because of this horribly infected and broken leg.

So provided the blood transfusion goes well, she will go into surgery after lunch. Please keep this poor kitten in your prayers. She’s suffered unimaginably. She weighs only 2.1 pounds-and she should be 6 or more at four months old. Thank goodness she was rescued.

When the next update was posted on the Little Wanderers NYC Facebook page last night, the world let out a sigh of relief. 

Here is the Angie update you’ve all been waiting for. The very excellent female surgeon, Dr. Bukhanoba and her team spent hours working on little Angie. It was a successful surgery.

She’s back in the ICU, heavily medicated to minimize pain and IV fluids are keeping her properly hydrated. A heat source is available for her if she’d like to lay on it. She’s been though more than anyone can imagine.

During the day, the rescue organization also received some great news from the West Coast. 

We want to thank the Orphan Kitten Club for helping us to defray Angie’s ICU and surgical bill. We also want to thank our loyal donors and followers who graciously help us make miracles happen every single day. Angie will be in the hospital for the next few days and then she will be going into foster care. We promise to bring you regular updates. This could have gone another way had we not had your critical support.

If you don’t know who the Orphan Kitten Club is, you may recognize some of their humans from elsewhere. 

Hannah Shaw, is more commonly known as Kitten Lady and her fiancee, Andrew Marttila goes by The Cat Photographer. They are professional kitten rescuers and humane educators known for their advocacy work.

So now, with the combined help of animal rescuers, lovers, supporters and just plain amazing individuals all around, Angie has a chance at life.

And that’s the best thing we could have all given her from afar. Those of you close to her, please give her lots of love from the rest of us. 

Please be sure to follow all the social media pages listed here. I mean, that is if you love to see heartwarming, uplifting, educational and inspirations felines and the humans that love them!


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Scared Cat Makes Amazing Recovery And Is Ready For A New Home

When a compassionate animal lover first spotted a scared cat, there wasn’t a lot of hope for the cat’s survival. Later named Geronimo, the seemingly stray cat was extremely skinny and weak. Injuries covered his body, his fur was falling out, and he was terrified of everything. It took time and a lot of care, but this brave baby fought hard for a better life. 

Geronimo was first reported to the Okanagan Humane Society in British Columbia in May 2019.

It was clear the cat needed help, but catching him was the first challenge. After being on his own and struggling to survive, the injured cat didn’t trust humans. He was trying to protect himself and wouldn’t let rescuers get too close.

scared cat

Determined to help, OHS offered tips and tools to humanely trap the scared cat. With time and patience, their methods worked. Geronimo was safe, but he was still scared.

His fear and pain caused his body to shut down. He could barely eat or move.

Knowing Geronimo needed immediate help, his rescuers rushed him to Alpine Pet Hospital. An examination showed the stray cat had likely been on his own for a long time. He was incredibly malnourished, and he had deep cuts on his head and body. Vets suspect those injuries happened while Geronimo fought off wildlife. New cuts covered up old scars, and the cat’s eyes were severely infected. There was barely an inch on Geronimo’s little body that wasn’t in pain.

scared cat

Geronimo’s chances of survival were low. He seemed depressed, and with no fighting spirit, there was no guarantee veterinary attention could save him. But despite the odds, rescuers didn’t give up. They committed to giving Geronimo the best chance at a better life. It started with transferring him to a foster home. Geronimo’s foster family knew the scared cat needed time and space to heal. They gave him a warm place to sleep, plenty of food, and a quiet place to heal.

Overwhelming him wouldn’t help, and they let the homeless cat settle in on his own.

Along with quiet TLC, Geronimo also received regular antibiotics, pain medication, and eye drops. Day by day, the scared, listless cat got a little stronger. He started moving around and looking at his surroundings. His cuts started to heal, and his fur grew back. Eventually, he had two eye surgeries to correct entropian eyelids.

It took many months, but there was no time limit on Geronimo’s healing. His rescuers didn’t rush his progress and didn’t expect him to recover overnight. As his physical injuries disappeared, his emotional health also seemed to improve. He was no longer depressed or scared. He started showing his sweet personality and his natural good looks.

Five months later, he looks like a completely different cat.

Geronimo’s recovery was only possible because someone took the time to care about his pain. He would not have recovered if it wasn’t for the love and attention of volunteers and a safe space to heal in a foster home. A lot of people had to come together to make this rescue happen, and looking at Geronimo now, it’s clear it was worth every ounce of effort.

Now that his injuries are healed, Geronimo is officially looking for his forever family. He’s estimated to be around seven years old, and he’s looking for a quiet home to live out the rest of his days. If you’re interested in meeting this sweet cat, contact Okanagan Humane Society.

All images via Facebook/Okanagan Humane Society


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Exactly What You Always Wanted & Never Needed: A Tiny Tent Made Just For Cats!

When I searched online for “best season to go camping”, I quickly learned that the answer to that was not an easy one. Some like the Spring for the newly blooming flowers and plants. Others prefer Fall, when the leaves begin to change and nature provides a breathtaking backdrop for your adventures. You can camp out in the woods, the mountains and even at the beach. Then there are those that wouldn’t be caught dead sleeping in a tent–no matter the size, location or season.

Lastly, there are the “glampers”. These are the “Glamorous Campers” that bring so many electronics and creature comforts you wonder why they didn’t just stay home and open a window. But what if there was an adorable tiny tent that you could use to bring your most precious “creature comforts” with you camping?

Photo of “Glamping”

By “creature comforts” I mean your cherished family cat. It’s a tiny tent for your cat. 

Now you can easily buy just that–should your feline choose to accompany you outdoors. Even if they aren’t the type to enjoy the feel of nature between their toe floof, the tent is ideal for indoor stay-cations. Those are “stay-at-home vacations” for those of you who’ve not experienced their glory yet. The mini tent was actually created and is marketed for indoor use.

The creators were thinking ahead though, knowing they needed to make their cat product stand up to any elements. Not to mention material tough enough to resist claw punctures. Remember Paws Need Claws! So they put their adorably tiny tent to the test.

We had an expert team of stray and domesticated cats personally test over 20 small model tents to find the best tent accommodation. With their unique insight and feedback, we researched and evaluated dozens of characteristics to find the perfect camping tent for them.

The research ranked each Cat Tent on its ease-of-setup, comfort, weather durability, liveability and specific cat tastes.

With the help of some leading outdoor engineers, we then crafted the best lightweight Cat Tent – and wanted to share it with the world. The weave is too tight for the cats to get their claws into and the fabric is very easy to clean.

And with that, Cat Camp, “The teeny tiny tent for indoor cats” was gifted to the fluffy felines of the United States.

More than once I’ve asked employees in sporting goods stores where I could get one of the tiny display tents. Had I only known!? We’ve even spent time in the kids section looking at play tents. We tried pop-up tents and anything else that would double for something as cute. But nothing was quite right for a 10-pound cat, or 4 of them. 

The generic pop up tents for kids were destroyed by our crazy feline overlords. Quickly.

Photo property of Cole & Marmalade; House Panther Cole stalking from deep within the fabric jungle.

However the Cat Camp tent boasts a sturdy design and materials. Enough to compare them to actual full size tents made with the same products. 

Cat Camp designs its Cat Tents with a focus on quality, camping integrity and kitty coziness. Just like the mini display tents in outdoor shops. We use all the same materials you would find in a normal tent.

All making sure that your cat doesn’t miss out on any of the features of a real tent and home comforts.

  • Size: The Cat Tent is approximately 21.5″ wide x 21.5″ long x 14.0″ tall. This has been designed by Cat Camp to accommodate most domesticated and even stray cats.
  • Entrance: The front of the Cat Tent has a side-zipped entrance. We also have an option for crafty cats to open a secret catch at the rear.
  • Materials: Cat Camp uses a durable and high-quality custom material consistent with modern tent materials.
  • Microfiber fleece: The inside of the tent is layered with a fluffy microfiber pad that keeps your cat comfy, and can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Weather cover: The designers at Cat Camp know that sometimes the elements can change in an instant, so each Cat Tent comes with a durable heavy weather cover.

We don’t own any of these (YET), but from the happy kitty faces seen on numerous Instagram accounts, they seem to be apurroved. 

Do you have one for your mini house panther?

Meowby two or three camping “sites” around your property?

How about another pet that may enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation?

Here is the companies lead purroduct tester, Ziggy, also with her tent in cartoon form!

She seems happy to test out each one thoroughly too. Rough job sister. HAHA

They are pretty purrfect for outdoor use in the right and safe environment. Notice the harness/leash? =)

Image @leonadventurecat

So what do you think? Do you have one and can confirm it’s ameowzing?

Is this is good idea so cats can enjoy the outdoors safely? Too “glampy” or totally worth it? Or should it ONLY be used indoors? Simply because it’s so darn cute that we need it within photo shoot range? That last one would be my choice.

Images from Cat Camp – The Mini Indoor Tent for Cats


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