Arlo: A Special Cat Surrendered To UK Shelter; Just Needs A Human To Give All His Love To

For 1-year-old feline Arlo, he goes about his day like any cat. Mostly sleeping, a bit of eating and maybe some human interaction–or lots from what we’re hearing. But after being with his family up until now, the poor boy is currently living at the shelter.

Sadly, Arlo’s story is like thousands of others around the world.

When his family was forced to move into an apartment, they were not able to secure one that allowed pets. 

[They] handed him into the centre earlier this month after not being able to keep him in rented accommodations. 

However, for Arlo, he is going to need help finding the perfect FOREVER home. He was born with facial abnormalities that luckily, aren’t hindering his well-being. To be honest, with his cute little face, the shelter may have TOO many potential adopters!

Not that should ever be a thing for the cats of the world…

Court yard at the Bridgend Adoption Centre

But the staff and volunteers at the Cat Protection Bridgend Adoption Centre will be sure to find Arlo his purrfect match. 

And from what they are reporting, he is nothing but a joy to have around.

Manager Sue Dobbs said: “Arlo is an absolute sweetheart, and he’s charmed all the staff at the centre. He may look a bit different from other cats, but he’s got a lot of love to give, and is full of fun and mischief. 

They weren’t able to learn any info about what may have caused the abnormalities though. 

“We’re not able to tell what has caused Arlo’s facial deformity. But it doesn’t seem to be causing him a problem at the moment. He has had a thorough vet check. And although he seems healthy, we can’t rule out any further internal issues, which may cause a problem later on. It’s also possible that he may have a shorter life expectancy. 

We really hope this won’t put off prospective owners, as Arlo is such a lovely cat and deserves a happy and loving home.

Clearly, with the response Arlo is getting online after only a few hours, they’ll have plenty to choose from. 

From the Cat Protection Bridgend Adoption Centre Facebook page:

We have had a lot of people express an interest in adopting Arlo, so we are asking people who are interested to complete a homefinder questionniare, this can be done over the phone by calling 01656 724396 or emailing We will then go through the forms to find the most suitable home for him.

We are looking for a home with no other pets. The less stress for Arlo the better. We haven’t put Arlo in our homing corridor as we don’t want to overwhelm him with lots of viewings 🙂

The viewing corridor at the shelter

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on his story and share any info–likely a happy tail update story! 


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